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A huge thanks to John Moschopoulos who very kindly volunteered his time to make this video.

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Our goal this winter is to raise an ambitious £50,000 to build resilience and stability within the Coexist Community Kitchen for years to come. With your help, and the support of everyone connected to the kitchen, we are feeling confident that we can achieve this milestone and make a lasting impact for more people across Bristol.

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The funds we raise will be used for crucial aspects such as staffing costs, training programs, acquiring new equipment, kitchen refurbishments, and promotional activities. In the years to come, these investments will enable us to generate more income through our catering services, public workshops, hosted events, and space hire.


As always, profit from all of these activities will be reinvested into the kitchen, allowing us to expand our workshops, forge new partnerships, ensure equitable access for all, and fully integrate individuals who have come through our programs by offering them opportunities to learn, connect, share food, work and socialise.

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Now, here's the best bit! We've been approved for special match funding through the Access Cost of Living Resilience Match Funding program. This means that for every £1 donated to our fundraiser this year, Access will generously match it with £3.


This means that your donation will be quadrupled! So, a £10 donation becomes £40, and a £100 donation becomes a whopping £400! This match funding is valid for first-time pledges only up to the value of £150. That means, if someone makes more than one donation, only the first will be match funded - so do keep this mind!


We have lots of great rewards you can pledge for, including tickets to our ‘Awake Arise’ Wild Winter Feast & Folk Music event. So if you’d like to get tickets for this, and make a donation – please do this in one transaction so we can get the maximum match funding.

With this incredible opportunity, our target is within reach. We only need to raise £12,500, and it will automatically become £50,000 thanks to this match fund. However, we still have a considerable amount to raise, and that's where we need your support!

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Thank you to artist & designer Jacob Armstrong for donating his time to help us design this beautiful campaign. Check out more of his work here _jakedraws

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