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Sharing in celebration

We would love to cater for your special event and provide delicious, beautiful homemade dishes as part of a full event catering service. What's more, all profits from your order will then directly help to support our ongoing work.

Our event catering is a 2 or 3 course meal which can be served as a buffet, as table sharing platters or individually plated and served to your guests.  Our meals are always beautiful, colourful and organic, designed with your ideas being integrated into our style of cooking.

Example Menus


Homemade seeded crackers, caramalised onion jam, ewes curd & fig


Spinach, feta, pine nut & dill borek


Radiccio, goat cheese, walnut & honey


Rye crackers with goats cheese, walnuts, fig jam and burnt orange


Oregano sourdough crostini with mushroom & tarragon


Courgette babaganoush with pomegranate molasses on smoked paprika crackers


Spanish tortilla, roasted red peppers with chipotle homemade aioli


Green herby falafel & beetroot pickles


Pea & mint croquettes with whipped goat cheese


Parmesan polenta with roasted confit tomato & basil

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Kurdish style warm green beans in rich tomato sauce with pine nuts


Grilled aubergine, tahini, pomegranate


Bulghur pilaf with caramelised squash & orange


Havuc - Turkish influenced carrot salad with yoghurt, dill, caraway & cumin


Spicy salad leaves - from Bristol based growing project Edible Futures


Beetroot borani


Feta, broad bean & mint


Homemade focaccia


Marinated olives


Spiced aubergine, olive & caper caponata


Chargrilled spring vegetables with almond romesco sauce


Orzo & toasted farika with toasted seeds


Cannellini salad with sun blushed cherry tomatoes and pecorino


Spicy salad leaves with edible flowers - from Bristol based growing project Edible Futures


Broad bean, pea & mint with basil oil


Pesto Siciliano with cherry tomatoes, walknut & ricotta


Homemade focaccia


Rosemary & orange marinated olive


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We would love to chat with you about your vision and work with you create your perfect menu. Every event is different and every menu bespoke,  the examples are just for inspiration and to give you an idea of what we can do. We make everything with love and we love taking part in people’s exciting adventures.

For a quote or a chat, email or drop us a line using the link below.

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How to express perfection?


Not only did the team design and cook the most beautiful and delicious food for our wedding feast, but they also brought an atmosphere of professional but friendly, calm but energetic teamwork which added so much to the day.


The team were so open minded about the menu and approach and guided us with expertise. Their attention to detail and the genuine care were beyond anything we could have imagined.



Meet our amazing community of cooks, chefs, community members and volunteers who help bring our kitchen to life

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The latest events, workshops and classes at the Community Kitchen.

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