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The Coexist Community Kitchen (CCK), a non-profit cooking school located in Easton, is seeking support for a £20,000 kitchen renovation project aimed at generating funds for their community work.

 Photo: The kitchen how it looks now!

With hopes of furthering their mission to promote inclusivity and empowerment in Bristol, CCK announces ambitious plans for a new catering kitchen. This initiative aims to not only raise vital funds but also to create training and work opportunities, and enhance their ability to support the local community.


The idea was sparked by the availability of a storage space for rent at Mivart Studios, adjacent to the Coexist kitchen & dining room. This development arrives at a pivotal moment for the organisation, which faces a pressing need for additional catering facilities. The existing kitchen operates at full capacity, with ongoing community outreach workshops, courses, and fundraising events, limiting their ability to take on catering contracts.


Established in 2012 as a social enterprise, the Coexist Community Kitchen has been a beacon of hope in Bristol, utilising food as a means to engage with marginalised individuals. Through various activities such as cooking classes, language lessons and training courses, the kitchen has fostered connections, shared skills, and built resilience within the community. Collaborating with Bristol's social support services, the team has consistently worked towards uplifting those facing diverse challenges.


The new kitchen space, covering nearly 250 square feet, offers a unique opportunity for the Coexist team to expand their catering operations, thereby ensuring sustainable funding for their impactful projects. With plans to hire a full-time manager and part-time support staff, the kitchen aims to provide employment opportunities for individuals who have experienced social marginalisation.


Ari Cantwell, Founder & Director of the Coexist Community Kitchen, shared her optimism, stating, "This new space holds immense potential for us to generate more of our own income through our catering, and increase our resilience as an organisation. It’s also a chance for us to broaden the scope of support we offer to the community; creating new work and training opportunities and funding community initiatives that will enrich the lives of so many people.”


As they prepare for this transformational journey, the team is calling on individuals, foundations, businesses, and the community at large to support their cause. With an estimated cost of £20,000 required to equip the kitchen with essential amenities and ensure compliance with health and safety standards, CCK welcomes contributions in the form of materials, labour, equipment, appliances, or donations to realise their vision.


For more details on how to support the Coexist Community Kitchen's expansion efforts, kindly reach out to their Marketing & Fundraising Lead, Becky Millington, at or visit to make a donation.

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