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We couldn't  do it without you

We're so truly grateful for each and every one of our amazing volunteers who, over the years have given their time, energy, knowledge and skills to help shape the Coexist Community Kitchen into the incredible space it is today.

From preparing and distributing free weekly meals for people across Bristol, to literally building the kitchen and then rebuilding it went we moved homes! The wonderful people who give their time are so integral to us, we couldn't do this without you.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Coexist Community Kitchen, we'd love to hear from you! Just fill out the short form below and we'll be in touch.

Volunteer with us

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For me volunteering with the Coexist Community Kitchen is to bathe yourself in the expression of love for the delight of cooking together, learning from each other and sharing delicious healthy food. A place to feel included and to socialise in a family kitchen atmosphere. And most importantly having fun! "

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We have a professional and homely kitchen and dining room available to hire for your event.

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The latest events, workshops and classes at the Community Kitchen.

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